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Final crit feed back

Today for the final crit, we had Rania and Ricci from IBM along with our tutor Nicolas and our Technician Gareth to help give us feedback on our social things projects. Nicolas – suggest me to think about the simple message for simple user to read as an idea of human readable and their level of experience. As the prototype is seem a bit in the stage of analyse he also point out that if I can make a simple visual sign such as Red Yellow and Green to illustrate if the bin is good normal or bad to go and… More

Dumpster inspector prototype!

This is the outcome of the 3D printed for my final prototype. As I was thinking about how to camouflage this tool inside the bin. Black is my first choice as many dumpsters have black lid and the material is plastic. Together with the sensors I have got the final look of the tool for me look like a retro style.  … More

Visualising Data

Visualising data received from the sensors is the main idea of this project. As I wanted to provided the information of how good the foods inside the dumpster are and the much possibility of food to be found inside it. I started with my own expertise in graphic design, creating graphics that I will use for the website which allow all my tribe to access and read the information. I decided to use a very simple graphic and draft it first in Adobe Illustration which I aim to export those graphic as a main picture and create effects together with… More

Thing’s structure!

Thinking of the camouflage concept as this tool has to be attached inside the dumpster. The main concern for me s to make this things as small as possible. Material is also brought up at this point which I don’t want this tool to have different material from the real dumpster. Fortunately, the 3d print machine is the perfect tool to build my aimed box. I struggle a little bit at first as I barely use the 3d model program, however, the online app ‘Tinkercad’ is the a very helpful and easy app that I can learn from… More

Operation duration?

One of the main concern I have found is that if I have to attach this tool inside the bin outside  they need the practical battery to operate by itself. The first try is the 9v battery which I order online from Amazon. The reason why I pick this battery in the first place is because it small and suit for the voltage I need to run my Arduino and three sensors attached to it. As a result I have mentioned in the previous post is that the tool can be able to run only for 3o minutes which I also try… More

Prototype III

After I make my progress on using 3 different sensors to detect and read value, I’m moving a little bit on the visual part. While I’m using datalog to store data into SD card I create rough design for my application on phone. The way the service work is the one that show the information inside the selected dumpster and the part that user can add new dumpster where they want the tool to be attached. In this case, I used to create layout.   Back to the part where I’m trying on my new 9v battery… More

Research Question

Polymedia, Telepresence and Global Migration What is the role of new communication technologies? Is the big question that going to looking deeper into why the concept of Polymedia. As my personal interest in the family relationship this question led me to ask How can we use technology to help transnational families to maintain primary, long-distance relationships under conditions of extended separation. The sub questions following this are : Can we be able to use digital technology to create a physical effect ( telepresence ) to improve the way we communicate with our family from distance ? Will single physical effect within… More

Physical environment & Distance communication

Looking at how we use digital to create a quality of social interaction ‘Polymedia’ is one of the concept mention by Daniel Miller ( Professor of Anthropology at UCL ) said in his text that “not so long ago most people wishing to communicate at a distance had a limited choice of media at their disposal, mainly expensive international phone calls or letters. As a result, the choice of medium was largely the result of constraints of access and cost.” “Polymedia is an emerging environment of communicative opportunities that functions as an ‘integrated structure’ within which each individual… More

Prototype II

After combine all 3 sensors and make them work to read the environment around them. Next step is to try to find the accurate stat and visualise data from the sensor. Another stage that need to be explore is about finding the device so this tool can operate by itself while it attaching in the bin. The suggestion from our tutor is to look at the technology using 3G that allow you to put the simcard to make it online. Here is the prediction graph indicate what would happen in the dumpster.    … More

Awaken Hidden Disease

An article from BCC on 4th May talking about how climate change could possible melting permafrost soils that have been frozen for thousands of years, and as the soils melt they are releasing ancient viruses and bacteria that, having lain dormant, are springing back to life. This is the possible evidence to point out that in the future,will would be dangerous for all of us and seem likely that flood would make it more severe.… More