Thank to Georgina today about the presentation about uncertainty architecture. She gave us on an idea of how people interact with the space, building or the place we considered it is a building! At one point, she mention about the ‘Thames Barrier’ which I’m now focusing in this kind of topic about ‘If climate change effect the way that architecture have to adapted to it, how the adapted architecture going to effect us on human behaviour ? ‘. After the presentation, I started to do some research about this barrier right away.

The Thames Barrier is located downstream of central London, United Kingdom. Operational since 1982, its purpose is to prevent the floodplain of all but the easternmost boroughs of Greater London from being flooded by exceptionally high tides and storm surges moving up from the North Sea. ( from )

This video shows us how the barrier operate. However the video also mentions the problem that the sea level keep raising every year ( the video uploaded in 2013 ). ‘The barrier has average about 5 closures per years since it opened but if the forecasters are right there could be as many as 30 per year in the coming decade”.