Elephant & Castle is in the zone !

According to “LONDON BOROUGH OF SOUTHWARK” ‘Elephant and Castle Supplementary Planning document’ ( DECEMBER 2011 ) they mention Elephant & Castle in the issue of water as one of the high risk place of flood.

Here is the part I copied from the document


8.19 A Strategic Flood Risk Assessment has been prepared to understand flood risk in Southwark. The northern half of the borough is within the Thames flood plain, which contains over two thirds of Southwark’s properties in well established communities. A large part of the borough is located within the indicative flood zone 3, which has the highest level of risk. However, it should be noted that all the land in the borough is defended by the Thames Barrier and defences so that the risk from tidal flooding is a residual risk.

8.20 The Government (and the Environment Agency) would like to see all development located in areas of low flood risk (zone 1). This is not always going to be possible and so new development will need to be directed to sites where the risk of flooding is appropriate to the “vulnerability” of the land use proposed. The Environment Agency has produced Flood Risk Maps. This map designates land in the borough in one of

three zones:

• Zone 1 – land at low risk of flooding from the Thames (land south of

Camberwell and Peckham), which is at low risk from flooding from the


• Zone 2 – land at medium risk of flooding from the Thames (we don’t have

much of this in the borough)

• Zone 3 – land at high risk of flooding from the Thames (this is in the north of

the borough and includes the Central Activity Zone, Elephant and Castle

Opportunity Area and Bermondsey and Canada Water)


8.21 The Environment Agency has identified areas in Southwark that are susceptible to surface water localised flooding in heavy rainfall as a result of old water mains; poorly designed and maintained drainage; and too many hard surfaces. The areas which are susceptible include Herne Hill, Camberwell, Peckham and pockets spread out throughout the north of the borough including Elephant and Castle which has some larger concentrated areas susceptible to localised flooding in Newington ward and East Walworth ward.

Southwark has most properties ‘at risk’ of flooding says study

The question for me is E&C is really at risk in the future or not and how the local going to adapted themselves with the uncertain situation cause by climate change?