Looking at how we use digital to create a quality of social interaction ‘Polymedia’ is one of the concept mention by Daniel Miller ( Professor of Anthropology at UCL ) said in his text that “not so long ago most people wishing to communicate at a distance had a limited choice of media at their disposal, mainly expensive international phone calls or letters. As a result, the choice of medium was largely the result of constraints of access and cost.”

Polymedia is an emerging environment of communicative opportunities that functions as an ‘integrated structure’ within which each individual medium is defined in relational terms in the context of all other media. In conditions of polymedia the emphasis shifts from a focus on the qualities of each particular medium as a discrete technology, to an understanding of new media as an environment of affordances. As a consequence the primary concern shifts from an emphasis on the constraints imposed by each medium (often cost-related, but also shaped by specific qualities) to an emphasis upon the social and emotional consequences of choosing between those different media.”

By this mean, it led me think about is there an physical thing that we can select as a medium of distance communication as Dr. Jay L. Brand ( Professor of Leadership and Higher Education at Andrews University ) mentioned in his Article ‘Physical space and social interaction.’  “The physical environment can interfere with the frequency and quality of social interaction.”

Non-verbal message is seems likely to be an important factor to think about in the way we can enhance the quality of distance communication and social interaction. The project called ‘Goodnight lamp’ is a good example of how they integrate internet of thing together with the tangible object to create a distance non-verbal communication. However, the question still remain in the subject of polymedia as in which and what way we will improve the quality of the environment of how we communicate to each other. As the Goodnight Lamp project and what Miller focused on the issue of global migration. Would it be able to create a physical environment while we use the digital base to commute with someone from distance.