Polymedia, Telepresence and Global Migration

What is the role of new communication technologies? Is the big question that going to looking deeper into why the concept of Polymedia. As my personal interest in the family relationship this question led me to ask How can we use technology to help transnational families to maintain primary, long-distance relationships under conditions of extended separation.

The sub questions following this are :

  1. Can we be able to use digital technology to create a physical effect ( telepresence ) to improve the way we communicate with our family from distance ?
  2. Will single physical effect within telecommunication could be the solution to deter loneliness in transnational families ?
  3. Does the concept of ‘polymedia’ can lead to improve the emotional relationship in the important family occasions ( Birthdays , wedding, graduation, new year etc.)?
  4. How do we solving the left-behind feeling by using different media?
  5. What is the best way to create an emotional physical respond in order to improve the relationship in transnational families -5.1 Rapid respond ( telepresence ) or 5.2 Later respond ( tele(later)presence )
  6. Can telepresence be more emotional related in order to tighten relationship with in transnational families?
  7. What the different between normal distance communication and one with the haptic response in the context of family relationship ?
  8. Will haptic response or message be able to enhance the different transnational families’s occasions to be more meaningful?
  9. Do we need more options with in the concept of polymedia in order to create more meaningful interaction with our families from distance ?
  10. As the concept of polymedia that we use the different media to communicate with different people in different event, will advance telepresence will make the significant contrast in which we select each media or not ?



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