After I make my progress on using 3 different sensors to detect and read value, I’m moving a little bit on the visual part.

While I’m using datalog to store data into SD card I create rough design for my application on phone. The way the service work is the one that show the information inside the selected dumpster and the part that user can add new dumpster where they want the tool to be attached. In this case, I used to create layout.

Prototype III


Back to the part where I’m trying on my new 9v battery in order to put the tool in the dumpster away from my computer. The result is that the battery can on last for half hour! Because first time I code the Arduino to store data every 2 second  I then try to recode it again by make it read and store data every 5 mins instead just to see if this can save more power and can make it last longer. The result was again same as the last time which mean that it was not about change code but the battery I use is not suitable!. I then message Joy, my classmate who has computer science background. She said that I might have to change the battery and looking at the mAh information where I can calculate whether it suit my tool or not.


Here is the picture of temporary bin I made with the tool attached.Prototype III 2