One of the main concern I have found is that if I have to attach this tool inside the bin outside  they need the practical battery to operate by itself. The first try is the 9v battery which I order online from Amazon. The reason why I pick this battery in the first place is because it small and suit for the voltage I need to run my Arduino and three sensors attached to it. As a result I have mentioned in the previous post is that the tool can be able to run only for 3o minutes which I also try change some coding but the result is still the same.

The second try is according to Joy and Gareth suggestion to change the battery and looking at the mAh information which I found one online which have 2800 mAh. From what Gareth said, it would be able to last around 5 times more than the 9v one I used before. He also suggest me to invest on rechargeable batteries as well. However, this solution is kind of not satisfy my point to have small version of the battery but for now it seems to be  the only way that I can keep my tool run longer.

Interestingly the result is that the tool can last for 5 hours which I found it kind of perfect for the prototype version which I can demonstrate how this tool work.