Thinking of the camouflage concept as this tool has to be attached inside the dumpster. The main concern for me s to make this things as small as possible. Material is also brought up at this point which I don’t want this tool to have different material from the real dumpster. Fortunately, the 3d print machine is the perfect tool to build my aimed box. I struggle a little bit at first as I barely use the 3d model program, however, the online app ‘Tinkercad’¬†is the a very helpful and easy app that I can learn from myself.


According to the idea of using 3d model app to create a file for my 3d print, one of the most important thing is measuring things. I found that this task is kind of difficult for me a little more than I expected. As I still not sure about what kind of tools ( Arduino,power battery, wires or extra tools ) need to be add or not, the only thing I could make this move forward is imagine an expected tools I will use and the structure of fitting all those expected tools.

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