Visualising data received from the sensors is the main idea of this project. As I wanted to provided the information of how good the foods inside the dumpster are and the much possibility of food to be found inside it.

I started with my own expertise in graphic design, creating graphics that I will use for the website which allow all my tribe to access and read the information. I decided to use a very simple graphic and draft it first in Adobe Illustration which I aim to export those graphic as a main picture and create effects together with the image in order to visualise the data.

The difficulty I have found on this process is that when I use local sever to run the website and use the image from my local path in P5 code, the web browser will blocked all the image with the reason of about security policy. Instead of looking for the way to make my image work I later decided to draw graphic using P5 code which I found it very interesting as I did this in the workshop in the first term and I have to recall those knowledge back for this project.


Visualising Data 1

Here is the a screen shot of the code I use.