Today for the final crit, we had Rania and Ricci from IBM along with our tutor Nicolas and our Technician Gareth to help give us feedback on our social things projects.

Nicolas – suggest me to think about the simple message for simple user to read as an idea of human readable and their level of experience. As the prototype is seem a bit in the stage of analyse he also point out that if I can make a simple visual sign such as Red Yellow and Green to illustrate if the bin is good normal or bad to go and explore it.

Ricci – she suggest me to explore more and try to test this tool with the real freegan person to see it as a real product point out that is this the way of the freegan lifestyle want she also point out a very good point about who is going to interested in this directly ( part-time freegan who want to support the idea of freegan but don’t have enough time )

Rania – She suggested that is it possible to reduce the information for instance cut the gas sensor part as it hard to read and take time to be accurate ?.

The remain question is what would be the next step for this product Thinking about the exist app that the freegan use in their community ( what if we could create platform that link to something they already use instead of come up with the new app? According to this will  try to integrate this idea to for example Whatapp as my tribe already using it.