After I got some ideas about the medium that I want to communicate my concept which is about ‘Time’ and ‘Absence’. I move on to think about the idea of making an object. From the previous tutorial with Eva, she point out the word of ‘Reflect’ which make me think about how I can make people to look and use my object and be able to reflect on the moment of absence.

A future conversation collector is my first idea which allow user to save the topic of conversation they want to have with their love ones. Using sand to illustrate the amount of conversation their could have.

After I finished sketch the first idea, I did have a chance to have tutorial with Tobias. He point out some good idea for me to develop it further. He suggest that I might be able to use light sensor and small LED to detect the movement of sand and to trigger the recorder.

Auto Draft 8

Here is the test of when I try use simple code to find the value of the sensor to use it for my next prototype. However it was to difficult and very hard for sensor to be activated by how the sand block the light.