After tutorialssss! I feel that I might need to decide the actual direction I want to do for my FMP. For me both ideas can be able to represent of what I want to communicate out of the important keys from my thesis research. The first is trying to make people think about the meaningful conversation with the force of limitation and time while the second idea is more to make visible object out of the conversations for people to be able to reflect on and think about their next. According to Tobias, it seems to be that the first idea is more to be seen as a critical object that can make people think further which make me don’t want to let go of the first idea. However,to think more about the give audience a direct massage in a very understandable and the easiest way,the second idea is more suitable in my opinion and also personally I want to explore and try something more challenge in tecnical and mechanical term for my own personal portfolio. Ultimately, the answer is to make both of it! I decided to make a series of projects that use the advantage of absence to encourage people to have meaningful communications.