After I got the idea of how things should work for my sand sculpture idea, I start to make a my first sand flow prototype with some advices from Nicolas and Tom. The first one is to make a sandmill that should spin when they get the information about each type of conversation. I make a 3D model print of a sandmill that fit with the motor and the tube sand container.

First attempt with sand

The 3D sketch of sandmill.

After finished, I test the model with the power generator in The Prototyping Lab to see how it function when the power is on. The result is that the mill is not the answer as it wont block the sand if each of the block is not in the right position. Then I move onto think about using solenoid instead. This process of experimenting for me is one of the most enjoy part of this project where I can test and learn with the actual material therefore in the future I can be able to adapt and share my experience about using the sort of mechanic.