Accoding to the previous tutorial with Nicolas, we talked about using the technology call ‘Sentiment Analysis’. It was a new thing for me however I it actually be around for quite a few years already. To make my Idea work, I talked to Gareth Foote about my project and my aim to use this technology. He draw a diagram to explain to me about how my idea and describe what kind of technical element should fit in each stage. From this meeting it makes¬†me more exciting from the fact that there are many¬†existing technologies out there that I never knew before.

Here some useful websites that Gareth suggested me to look at
API Documentation:

Example using NodeJS:
nodejs-docs-samples – Node.js samples for Google Cloud Platform products.

Sentiment analysis:
AFINN-based sentiment analysis for Node.js.

*One of the big stage is coding part that I have been learning thought out this year ( still feel like beginner ) and using Node js.