After got all the technical bits together,I’m working on making the structure of the object. At first, I want to do 4 types of conversations classify by the rate of it from Negative to Positive ( 0-0.25 | 0.26-0.5 | 0.56 – 0.75 | 0.76- 1 ). But according to the technical issue, I shift my decision to have 3 of it. I also decided to made a hand in version to show what is this thing should do and how people will interact with it. It is a home install size version. The top part have 3 tubes that contains 3 different sand colors. and the sand collector on the bottom that will collect and visualise the conversation users have.Working progress : Making the object

‘Make it simple’ is the motto of making this one as I don’t want people to be distract from any shape of it. Geometric form such as circle, rectangle and triangle are the basic form I┬ádecide to use to make the object.