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Extreme weather

Thinking about climate change over past decades, humanity have to face the severe extreme weathers and its seems to be able to prove that it cause by human. In 2014, Thailand which is where I’m from have to face the major flood that have ever seen in my life or even my grand parent life. Half of my house 1st floor was under water for a month and so did others whose house is in the capital where a lot f areas had effected by this event. According to this, It inspired me to in the way that I got a… More


#define buttonPin 7 #define ledPin 8 #define anaPin A0 int sensorValue = 0; int maValue = 1; void setup() { pinMode( ledPin, OUTPUT ); pinMode( buttonPin, INPUT ); pinMode( anaPin, INPUT ); } void loop() { sensorValue = analogRead (anaPin); boolean btnState = digitalRead( buttonPin ); if ( sensorValue >= 100 && sensorValue <=220 ) { maValue = 0; digitalWrite( ledPin, maValue); } else { maValue = 1; } if ( btnState == HIGH && maValue == 0 ) { digitalWrite( ledPin, HIGH );… More

Record my tribe was a mess

According to the previous post about the meet up day with freegans. I did picked some idea of doing a sound recording while we have a conversation think that I could be able to replay and listen to the conversation ( 54 mins long ) in case I miss any point. Here is the record. To critique this method!I have to admit that this gave an unpredictable outcome. There was a lot of noises !! and it difficult to catch the voice of the speaker. Another thing is that I aim to keep it secret but it turn out to… More

Freegan Day Out

Going out for the south London Freegans  meet up in Brixton was one of the way to observe the tribe. From the meet up I’ve met a group of people who actually new for the dumpster dive like myself and also a guy who did it before. We have Ellie as our host, she tell us about her experience as a long term freegan. I found it was so many interesting things she have had experienced including being in trouble ( got caught by police ) but it was nothing that serious. She also mention about how she had been looked… More

Meet up people !

After a while since I contact the organiser of South London Freegans ‘Eleanor’ on personal message, we finally got a good time slot so I can call her and have a discussion with her on this Wednesday afternoon. Fortunately, it has been a long while since their last meet up and may be I did provoke them that there are still some people like me who want to know about life of freegan therefore Eleanor decided to hold a discussion again on this Saturday 11th of February !!!. I’m so excited to meet them face to face and put myself… More

Inspired Certain Future !

A typical stereotype vision on ideal community centre in developer mind ( Green space, shopping centre, art etc. ) After I look further on the real estate development project on Elephant & Castle area, it gave me a rough picture of what it will be next in this area what could happen and what might effect on people who recently use the site. According to the brief and the location that we will exhibit our idea on speculative design, it seems to be useful to think about the site and how it could relevant to our SCD project. Here is… More

What if SCD …. if what !?

Last week Eva gave us three different text point out the different perspective of ‘Speculative Design’. The first text is the one from Anthony Dunne & Fiona Raby book ‘Speculative Everthing’, the text gave me an understanding of the authors point of view on speculative design. The chapter ‘Beyond Radical Design ?’ point out that speculative design is a medium to change our attitude, values and beliefs in regard to the current socio economic and environment problem we face today. They also inspired us by their strong position that Design need to be just about style and problem-solving but it about… More

Dumpster Diving X Freegan X Beauty Divers !

The stating point began as I saw a video online about trash! This video presenting ‘Beauty Divers’ who are vlogger ( Video Blog ) on the internet sharing about the experience of searching stuffs from the dumpster in order to get cosmetic products. I have to say that this is very interesting video and it reflect on how our societies wasted such a lot of product. In order to understand whether or not is this the tribe?!. I do the research online about Dumpster Diving to see how fluid they are. Apparently, I found a lot of connection on… More

Finding Neotribe!

In order to do this collaborative project and aim to use HCD on the design process. The concept of finding ‘Neotribe’ was invented by Michel Maffesoli which is a group of people sharing the same secular interest. Our tutor Nicholas gave us an idea about a different group of tribe who sharing a hobby , concern or even political stand and he ask us if I’m part of any tribe. The idea came up in my head is that I’m not sure that which tribe I’m in maybe I’m in tribe of people who addicted to the drama or perhaps online… More