Project: Collaborative Unit

Freegan Network

According to my research, I map out the structure of the Freegan Network follow my understanding. In the map, it shows how freegan connect with the the local store for bin riding or local restaurant for event a nice negotiation for foods. Also, how they merge themselves with the people fridge and Olio app. This also shows how all others freegans from different part of the city gather together for a meet up in order to share their stories ,tip and location for bin riding. More

Humour behind the tribe!

Surprisingly, the one thing I’ve learn from this tribe is that they enjoy laughing. As we talk to each others using Whatsapp for quite a while, Eleanor has mentioning about the comedy shows that she organise as well. It’s sort of the lifestyle that they all commonly have which interesting me a lot. A laugh a day keeps the doctor away.  This is the phrase she mention which inspired me a lot !!!! I kind of lead me to think about the project that I do would be related to laugh !!!… More

Stereotype of doing dumpster dive!

As I also interest about how society react to the people who do dumpster dive, I decided to find more evidence around this topic and I found this video that shows the life of a guy who is freegan. Steve is an educated man. A school teacher. A home owner. He also enjoys eating food from dumpsters! This video publish in 2009 but even this kind of social movement happen for nearly decade this attitude of people toward this group of people isn’t change that much. Here is the film . More

Fridge for everyone !

Another thing I learned from my tribe chat group is that they are talking about how people take some action on the idea of sustainability. David is a guy who sent us the pictures of ‘The people’s fridge’ that located in the south of London. The idea is also about sharing food using the public space to operate. However, the popularity of it isn’t good as it idea but it working as an iconic installation that somehow raise question about the idea of sustainability and wasted food. This is the picture of how to use the fridge. Thanks… More

Be sustained with OLIO

After a meet up with my tribe I decided to look forward to do some more research base on the topics that pop up during the meeting. One of the topics is the application OLIO as I mentioned on my previous blog about meet up day that it’s a food sharing application that connecting neighbours with each other and with local shops. here are some images to depict how this app work It shows the location of the Drop box where you can go and share your food in plastic containers at local shops and cafes. This is… More

Record my tribe was a mess

According to the previous post about the meet up day with freegans. I did picked some idea of doing a sound recording while we have a conversation think that I could be able to replay and listen to the conversation ( 54 mins long ) in case I miss any point. Here is the record. To critique this method!I have to admit that this gave an unpredictable outcome. There was a lot of noises !! and it difficult to catch the voice of the speaker. Another thing is that I aim to keep it secret but it turn out to… More

Freegan Day Out

Going out for the south London Freegans  meet up in Brixton was one of the way to observe the tribe. From the meet up I’ve met a group of people who actually new for the dumpster dive like myself and also a guy who did it before. We have Ellie as our host, she tell us about her experience as a long term freegan. I found it was so many interesting things she have had experienced including being in trouble ( got caught by police ) but it was nothing that serious. She also mention about how she had been looked… More

Meet up people !

After a while since I contact the organiser of South London Freegans ‘Eleanor’ on personal message, we finally got a good time slot so I can call her and have a discussion with her on this Wednesday afternoon. Fortunately, it has been a long while since their last meet up and may be I did provoke them that there are still some people like me who want to know about life of freegan therefore Eleanor decided to hold a discussion again on this Saturday 11th of February !!!. I’m so excited to meet them face to face and put myself… More

Dumpster Diving X Freegan X Beauty Divers !

The stating point began as I saw a video online about trash! This video presenting ‘Beauty Divers’ who are vlogger ( Video Blog ) on the internet sharing about the experience of searching stuffs from the dumpster in order to get cosmetic products. I have to say that this is very interesting video and it reflect on how our societies wasted such a lot of product. In order to understand whether or not is this the tribe?!. I do the research online about Dumpster Diving to see how fluid they are. Apparently, I found a lot of connection on… More

Finding Neotribe!

In order to do this collaborative project and aim to use HCD on the design process. The concept of finding ‘Neotribe’ was invented by Michel Maffesoli which is a group of people sharing the same secular interest. Our tutor Nicholas gave us an idea about a different group of tribe who sharing a hobby , concern or even political stand and he ask us if I’m part of any tribe. The idea came up in my head is that I’m not sure that which tribe I’m in maybe I’m in tribe of people who addicted to the drama or perhaps online… More