Project: Thesis & FMP

Sand collector prototype.

To get people to understand more about what It going to be like with the project of sand collector. I came up with the name ‘A Pile of Talks’ that describe the outcome of the sand visualise after they collect the different conversation. I quickly make the image of a person taking to the microphone that wired up with the triangle shape sand collector. Then I photoshop the graphic of 3 tubes above the sand art. After I finished this, I had a chance to talk with a person who never know what my project is before. I started with… More

Working on hourglass concept

In contrary to the sand conversation collector project, the hourglass one, I want it to be more about handmade in order to make user think about the value of the moment of meaningful communication. At first, I was thinking about using some symbolic like Yin-Yang to talk about the balance. However, I feel more into the way to let user interpret the object itself as well therefore I started to look at the organic shape that kind of related to the mood and nature. I come across the idea of making the hourglass part that have an natural curve. To… More

Working progress : Making the object

After got all the technical bits together,I’m working on making the structure of the object. At first, I want to do 4 types of conversations classify by the rate of it from Negative to Positive ( 0-0.25 | 0.26-0.5 | 0.56 – 0.75 | 0.76- 1 ). But according to the technical issue, I shift my decision to have 3 of it. I also decided to made a hand in version to show what is this thing should do and how people will interact with it. It is a home install size version. The top part have 3 tubes that… More

Solenoid attempt

After done and fail with the motor and sandmill idea, I quickly move to test on the idea of using Solenoid. I create a mini case for the solenoid as I have to learn how the solenoid I have is function. It all about measurement in order to make the valve work with sand. The outcome was exactly the same of what I thought. According to the ‘Sentiment Analysis’ that I’m going to use for my project. While waiting for Node part, I made a demonstrate prototype of how it should work by code Arduino to use random number to trigger… More

From Idea to Code to Node

Accoding to the previous tutorial with Nicolas, we talked about using the technology call ‘Sentiment Analysis’. It was a new thing for me however I it actually be around for quite a few years already. To make my Idea work, I talked to Gareth Foote about my project and my aim to use this technology. He draw a diagram to explain to me about how my idea and describe what kind of technical element should fit in each stage. From this meeting it makes me more exciting from the fact that there are many existing technologies out there that I never knew… More

First attempt with sand

After I got the idea of how things should work for my sand sculpture idea, I start to make a my first sand flow prototype with some advices from Nicolas and Tom. The first one is to make a sandmill that should spin when they get the information about each type of conversation. I make a 3D model print of a sandmill that fit with the motor and the tube sand container. The 3D sketch of sandmill. After finished, I test the model with the power generator in The Prototyping Lab to see how it function when the… More

Project decision = Projects

After tutorialssss! I feel that I might need to decide the actual direction I want to do for my FMP. For me both ideas can be able to represent of what I want to communicate out of the important keys from my thesis research. The first is trying to make people think about the meaningful conversation with the force of limitation and time while the second idea is more to make visible object out of the conversations for people to be able to reflect on and think about their next. According to Tobias, it seems to be that the first idea is… More

New Idea New Sketch !

After I done my first prototype, I have been talking about my idea to some others classmates. It seems to me that the idea of flipping hourglass recorder found a difficulty to easily communicate itself to someone. After I realised it, I kind of thinking a little bit more further about what kind of thing that would make people interact and understand my concept of the advantages of ‘Absence’ easier. With the tutorial with Nicolas, I present my idea of visualising the conversation for user to be able to collect, see and reflect on it before next presence. The idea is… More

Rapid prototype & Develop the sketch

A rapid version prototype to help me think about how human can interact with an hourglass a like object. I made this hourglass out of simple plastic glass from Poundsland in order to help me see how sand works with the movement and to help me check what are the necessary parts that  need to concern. After I finished, one of my class mate , Stefanie , came to see and we have some discussion about the feasibility of it. She point out some useful technologies that could fit my object. She also draw me a diagram of how it should… More

Sketch Ideas of Hourglass & test light sensor

After I got some ideas about the medium that I want to communicate my concept which is about ‘Time’ and ‘Absence’. I move on to think about the idea of making an object. From the previous tutorial with Eva, she point out the word of ‘Reflect’ which make me think about how I can make people to look and use my object and be able to reflect on the moment of absence. A future conversation collector is my first idea which allow user to save the topic of conversation they want to have with their love ones. Using sand to illustrate the amount… More