Project: FMP

Research Question

Polymedia, Telepresence and Global Migration What is the role of new communication technologies? Is the big question that going to looking deeper into why the concept of Polymedia. As my personal interest in the family relationship this question led me to ask How can we use technology to help transnational families to maintain primary, long-distance relationships under conditions of extended separation. The sub questions following this are : Can we be able to use digital technology to create a physical effect ( telepresence ) to improve the way we communicate with our family from distance ? Will single physical effect within… More

Physical environment & Distance communication

Looking at how we use digital to create a quality of social interaction ‘Polymedia’ is one of the concept mention by Daniel Miller ( Professor of Anthropology at UCL ) said in his text that “not so long ago most people wishing to communicate at a distance had a limited choice of media at their disposal, mainly expensive international phone calls or letters. As a result, the choice of medium was largely the result of constraints of access and cost.” “Polymedia is an emerging environment of communicative opportunities that functions as an ‘integrated structure’ within which each individual… More

Reverse Engineered : MUSIC MEMORY BOX

The brief is to choose the project and reverse engineer a project proposal. Title  : The Music Memory Box – How to trigger memory from the person who are living with dementia ? Field of Study : This project is planned to explore about the ability of recognition from the person who live with dementia and using the human sensors understanding to create the product design that could recollect, reminisce and reconnect them with their loved one. Context : The advance medical technology these days make people live longer then ever before, the number of elderly people has been increase over the past decades.There were… More