Project: IDC


Exhibition in Ars Electronica 2017

It was such a excited moment when you realised that the Ars Electronica trip to is about to happen. Me and others classmates have been waiting for this trip for almost a year. My Dumpster Dr project from Social Things unit is the chosen project to exhibit at the festival. The project is about the tool that aim to help ‘freegans’ people who hate food wasted and go for dumpster dive to find free eatable food inside the dumpster( link to project ). The restriction of making this exhibition is to make sure the everything is fit in the suitcase… More

Workshop with IBM : Food & Recipe app

Today, workshop with team designers from IBM using Human-Centered Design methods. The workshop started with building a personas up. My group had a brief that it should be a working woman age around 24-25 and others group also has a different brief of personas. We came up with a girl with a Hongkong name ‘Lin’ who work with a popular Bank in the position of ‘Data Analyse’. She has a Master in Finance and She have difficulty of having no time to do something else especially to find a guy for her life! Then we started to do the ‘Empathy Map’… More


On the values project! As a person – SURREAL As a designer – Function ….. More