Project: Speculative Design

Dry pavement !

Another field that I have been research on the innovation that focusing no preventing flood which is call  “Permeable Pavement”. This kind of innovation is help to keep road being dry. This kind of idea could be useful for the place where there are at risk of flash flood. Here is the video of how the Permeable Pavement work. However this kind of idea only fix the problem when there is just small flash flood but it could not protect the major flood incase if the river Thames water level is over limit and there is no water way… More

Thames day out

Observing thames is one of the way that give me the information about how Londoner’s life link to the river Thames. From what I saw the water level effects directly to all activities related to the river such as Ferry, Cargo ship and restaurant by the river… More

Are we at risk ?

Elephant & Castle is in the zone ! According to “LONDON BOROUGH OF SOUTHWARK” ‘Elephant and Castle Supplementary Planning document’ ( DECEMBER 2011 ) they mention Elephant & Castle in the issue of water as one of the high risk place of flood. Here is the part I copied from the document WATER 8.19 A Strategic Flood Risk Assessment has been prepared to understand flood risk in Southwark. The northern half of the borough is within the Thames flood plain, which contains over two thirds of Southwark’s properties in well established communities. A large part of the borough is located… More

Uncertain or certain protection ? : Thames flood barrier

Thank to Georgina today about the presentation about uncertainty architecture. She gave us on an idea of how people interact with the space, building or the place we considered it is a building! At one point, she mention about the ‘Thames Barrier’ which I’m now focusing in this kind of topic about ‘If climate change effect the way that architecture have to adapted to it, how the adapted architecture going to effect us on human behaviour ? ‘. After the presentation, I started to do some research about this barrier right away. The Thames Barrier is located downstream of central… More

Serious prevention of flood

Thinking of the scenario of how people come up with the idea of dealing with flood and take my previous experience as an example. In 2014, a lot of houses in Bangkok decided to build a small wall barrier in order to protect their house from the major flood. At that certain time, it was kind of normal to see people trying so hard to protect their property, however, as I think back to this kind of structure is very interesting both in the way that people don’t really care about the aesthetic for their property but more about function… More

Extreme weather

Thinking about climate change over past decades, humanity have to face the severe extreme weathers and its seems to be able to prove that it cause by human. In 2014, Thailand which is where I’m from have to face the major flood that have ever seen in my life or even my grand parent life. Half of my house 1st floor was under water for a month and so did others whose house is in the capital where a lot f areas had effected by this event. According to this, It inspired me to in the way that I got a… More

Inspired Certain Future !

A typical stereotype vision on ideal community centre in developer mind ( Green space, shopping centre, art etc. ) After I look further on the real estate development project on Elephant & Castle area, it gave me a rough picture of what it will be next in this area what could happen and what might effect on people who recently use the site. According to the brief and the location that we will exhibit our idea on speculative design, it seems to be useful to think about the site and how it could relevant to our SCD project. Here is… More

What if SCD …. if what !?

Last week Eva gave us three different text point out the different perspective of ‘Speculative Design’. The first text is the one from Anthony Dunne & Fiona Raby book ‘Speculative Everthing’, the text gave me an understanding of the authors point of view on speculative design. The chapter ‘Beyond Radical Design ?’ point out that speculative design is a medium to change our attitude, values and beliefs in regard to the current socio economic and environment problem we face today. They also inspired us by their strong position that Design need to be just about style and problem-solving but it about… More

RCA WIP IDE : Physical space in digital world

TACTO project from 2nd year students ( Sam Roots, David Damshek, Jen-Hsien Chiu, Nathan Chang ) ‘A device for touching the untouchable : reach out and reconnect with physical space in a digital world’. This project is interest me in the way that I always obsessed with human senses of touch. The device detected the movement in this case they gave us an example of the snake in behind the glass in the zoo and sent to the touch pad so the visitor can feel and touch the crawling snake not just only watch it behind the glass.   Back… More

Elephant & Castle Observation

After me Betty and Virginie had a Korean lunch, we decided to  check the space to find some starting point at Elephant and Castle shopping mall. The LCC studio is located on the 2nd floor in the middle area. After we took a few pictures we were asked to stop as we need the permission from management office of this shopping mall! The questions pop up in my head Why?!! Taking pictures in this shipping mall is forbidden!!! Two security guards said that this place is unlike others shopping centers. I have to say that I really don’t get much… More