Project: Personal

The collection of ideas , experiments and inspirations for my personal design development

RCA WIP IDE : Physical space in digital world

TACTO project from 2nd year students ( Sam Roots, David Damshek, Jen-Hsien Chiu, Nathan Chang ) ‘A device for touching the untouchable : reach out and reconnect with physical space in a digital world’. This project is interest me in the way that I always obsessed with human senses of touch. The device detected the movement in this case they gave us an example of the snake in behind the glass in the zoo and sent to the touch pad so the visitor can feel and touch the crawling snake not just only watch it behind the glass.   Back… More

CSM WIP : MA Industrial Design

Today, I visited CSM for their WIP shows. It always make me excited to see how student from others colleges have been doing. Fortunately, I have a friend who studying there as well in MA Indrustrial Design. Have to say that their presentation are very cool. One of the project focusing on sustainable design which provoke user to rethink about how they use the product and if the product only work when human become part of it. There are a lot more good idea as well about communication, alternative power , health , relationship etc.  … More

E-textile workshop with Emilie Giles

E-textile workshop with Emilie Giles is fantastic! It really remind me of things I have done in the past as a person who have a craft background like me who aim to widen the knowledge in digital in order to combine both skills and having fun with making things! Also, it is the first time I learn about ‘Arduino’ physically. I have learn a lot from the workshop including the knowledge about conductive thread. One of the fascinating time is when we found out that how to make the pompom that you can squeeze and the light is on !… More

Engineering the world : Ove Arup and the Philosophy of Total design

An opportunity to me to explore something in different field but yet relevant. The temporary exhibition ‘Engineering the world : Ove Arup and the Philosophy of Total design’ at V&A museum emphasis my knowledge about how similar we are as a designer and engineer on process of making a piece of work. I found many interesting projects that gave me further idea about the space and how one object or building interact with the environment. New material and building methods are essential as parts of experimentation. ‘Living Wall’ is one of the good example to use new material and building method in… More

Teamlab Island

‘The world’s first interactive theme park’ I had a chance to visit the temporary exhibition of Teamlab Island in Bangkok and I found this is a very interesting technology that lead to the endless imaginations. Moreover, It give me of an idea that effective interaction could bring out the personality of when we were young and full of imagination.… More