Project: Physical Computing

Dumpster inspector prototype!

This is the outcome of the 3D printed for my final prototype. As I was thinking about how to camouflage this tool inside the bin. Black is my first choice as many dumpsters have black lid and the material is plastic. Together with the sensors I have got the final look of the tool for me look like a retro style.  … More

Operation duration?

One of the main concern I have found is that if I have to attach this tool inside the bin outside  they need the practical battery to operate by itself. The first try is the 9v battery which I order online from Amazon. The reason why I pick this battery in the first place is because it small and suit for the voltage I need to run my Arduino and three sensors attached to it. As a result I have mentioned in the previous post is that the tool can be able to run only for 3o minutes which I also try… More

Prototype II

After combine all 3 sensors and make them work to read the environment around them. Next step is to try to find the accurate stat and visualise data from the sensor. Another stage that need to be explore is about finding the device so this tool can operate by itself while it attaching in the bin. The suggestion from our tutor is to look at the technology using 3G that allow you to put the simcard to make it online. Here is the prediction graph indicate what would happen in the dumpster.    … More

Preparing for second prototype!

This is the sketch of the second prototype in 3 different ideas Tasting 3 different sensors. Distance to detect amount of waste inside dumpster ( how full it is) Humidity and Temperature ( to predict type of food ) Natural gas , Methane gas detection ( to predict type of food and it freshness )… More

Hello I’m here

Beacon : A beacon is an intentionally conspicuous device designed to attract attention to a specific location. I will use beacon to get the attention from all freegan network. My aim is to develop the beacon system inside the dumpster including food detection and amount of waste inside it and transfer this information to get attention from Freegan network. My first prototype experiment on the value of the sensor that will detect the eatable waste inside the bin. The project that I have been looking at is call ‘Foodsniffer’ a start up product that you can use to detect if the food… More

Balloon journey

Using Stepper Motor & potentiometer to bring the balloon move around others destinations  ( inspired by Moe floating doggie snack!! ) Here is the code : #define DIR_PIN 2 #define STEP_PIN 3 #define anaPin A0 int sensorValue = 0; void setup() { pinMode(DIR_PIN, OUTPUT); pinMode(STEP_PIN, OUTPUT); pinMode(anaPin, INPUT ); } void loop(){ sensorValue = analogRead(anaPin); //rotate a specific number of degrees if ( sensorValue >=0 && sensorValue <= 1023) { sensorValue = sensorValue+1; } rotate(sensorValue*8, .1); delay(100); rotate(-sensorValue*8, .1); delay(1000); } void rotate(int steps, float speed){… More


#define buttonPin 7 #define ledPin 8 #define anaPin A0 int sensorValue = 0; int maValue = 1; void setup() { pinMode( ledPin, OUTPUT ); pinMode( buttonPin, INPUT ); pinMode( anaPin, INPUT ); } void loop() { sensorValue = analogRead (anaPin); boolean btnState = digitalRead( buttonPin ); if ( sensorValue >= 100 && sensorValue <=220 ) { maValue = 0; digitalWrite( ledPin, maValue); } else { maValue = 1; } if ( btnState == HIGH && maValue == 0 ) { digitalWrite( ledPin, HIGH );… More