Project: William Morris Project

Expanded Artefacts : Designing Experiences

The day! The workshop! The Final outcome

Since we are all had decided the time to run our workshop and location, I have been working on collecting ideal picture for our workshop and printed on prepared material which is printable fabric and also cut it in the square shape already. We started with arrange the material and preparation zone to make it look kind of cozy then we manage to post our A3 instructions on the wall. Finally the table part which will be our workshop space. The workshop started with allowing people to select the provided threads, needle, scissors and the collection of #wmthread pictures then I gave participant… More

Run the website , Online interaction part !

To make the hi-tech part of our interaction project happen, it is the time to run website and make our unique hashtag means. I had work on easy theme website provider ( Wix ) at first but it only work with the good design also I did have a problem in technical term. I stuck with don’t know how to use API from Instagram after I signup for that already !! Then Virginie came up with the idea of using plugin from WordPress that she was read pass before so we decided to let her cast her magical spell… More

Popup idea of poster : Additional Approches

After a while since our group have a long break, we finally manage to meet up again. The topics to be discuss are varies but the major one is about how to make people engage with our project process. Then Lin has an idea of doing an additional version of poster that people can interact with it as well. The function is that the poster can be tear off an each reader can keep part of the poster. After she presented to us, I think it is an absolutely cool idea to have that bot unfortunately we don’t have enough… More

Magna Carta : Embroidery of Wikipedia

The project invited many contributors to embroider the thousands of words, symbols and images that comprise the webpage. People have their own opinions about democracy today and I thought carefully about the words they should stitch. According to the idea of Utopia that we want people to tell the story about what they want for their ideal community, this project reflected on what we are believing in that we can gave people a freedom to visualise their ideal society.… More

Material testing

After receive sample of cotton paper and canvas paper, I quickly try it out to see how this thing work. Apparently,it work very well with my home printer. The things is that the color is fading than it suppose to be. To tackle this problem, I decided to put some filters on the pics and also adjust its a little bit. The result is surprisingly interested. More

Workshop instruction

After I got the feedback about make a stronger link with the gallery and decided to pick one of William Morris masterpiece in the gallery to do some thing more about it. Therefore, I studied how to make a pattern like William Morris and here is my simplify design format of my community tapestry workshop. According to the masterpiece we selected. There are three main things on it which inspired me to divide part of how to make tapestry in our workshop in 3 stages. The first is ‘Quote’, second is ‘Main Trees’ and third is ‘Background’. According… More

Pattern Play

In order to make a tapestry pattern, my friend sent me the link “HOW TO CREATE A PATTERN IN THE STYLE OF WILLIAM MORRIS ” from the JUNGALOW website. It’s quite nice to see how they writ the instruction step by step and it very easy to do. Maybe in my free time I will create my own pattern in WM style as well ! Drawing pattern… More

Plan for Winter break

Time to embody the project! After gain some feedback from William Morris Gallery last week, we arrange a meeting in order to discuss about what we should next. One of the problem is that the gallery want more appealing outcome and also how could we still keep the meaning of the image.  Another feedback we receive right after the ‘Crits’ is that they want us to think about how it gonna engage with wider audience not just the people from Walthamstow.  According to what we talked with our tutor that we should find a strong visible link between the gallery and… More

Finding Material : 1

After a while exploring on the internet searching for possible material for the workshop. My prefer material would be something like fabric but printable easily with home inkjet printer. Ultimately, I found this website where it sale so many stuffs I really interested to try !!! The cotton paper !!! Let’s see how it’s gonna work. The shipping time is roughly around 3-7 days. I am looking to test it ASAP!  … More

Workshop prototype : LCC tapestry

Running the workshop is one of the excited part of this project. I started to do this by gather LCC student to participate with the workshop ( 4 people ). The result was absolutely beyond expectation! That might be student here are full of creativity so the made the simple thread to be more fancy. Some even turn it into 3D version ! It seems to be flexible with the idea of making thread session because the material the represent the thread is paper. Hence people are feel familiar with the material and develop the first idea how to cut… More